Perched on a volcanic cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is well known for its orange and lemon groves, mild climate, and panoramic position. Legend says that off the coast Ulysses resisted the call of the Sirens by putting wax into his sailorsí ears and by having himself tied to the mast of his ship. Sorrento has a lively atmosphere, an attractive historical area. It is an ideal starting point for excursions.
The Old Town of Sorrento is a maze of narrow lanes and alleyways where pleasantly lost among boutiques, antique shops and small bars. At the end of Corso Italia, the main street of Sorrento, get off to the right and then right again. the old town of Sorrento, who still runs the map plan of the Greek city orthogonal. And itís the way of typical stores.
 You will find, for example, the old factories of perfume and limoncello, the liqueur typical of Sorrento, offering a free sample.